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Good translation can be the basis of your success. For important documents quality translation is of key importance. The excellently trained team of translators of KFI Fordítóiroda guarantees expert and accurate translation. Since our company was founded our prime objective has been to fully satisfy our Customers’ needs to a high standard, and as such we have a history of implementing flexible, adaptable and creative approaches to a wide range of tasks. We are at your disposal with our translation and interpreting services in all languages currently spoken in Europe.

Translation is a work of trust and confidence, and so we always take care to develop a close professional relationship with our customers. Maintaining such close contact enables us to familiarise ourselves with the activity carried out by them and the specialist language of the field as extensively as possible. For this reason, we consider confidential administration and secrecy fundamental, a value that is understood and complied with amongst our administrative staff, translators, and interpreters.

  • translation of general and professional texts
  • translations of attested quality (certified, stamped translation + proofreading)
  • proofreading (linguistic and professional checking)
  • localising texts

Our customers

Our customers include Hungarian companies of all sizes, large multinationals, foreign companies with registered or branch offices in Hungary, as well as private individuals.

Our staff

We select our staff on the basis of the principles of our internal quality control system. Each member of our staff has higher qualifications and a professional translator’s or interpreter’s examination certificate. Without exception, they each have at least 10 years of professional experience.
To perform the order, we select staff members who have already proved their skills in the given field, and upon completion of the translation we have the documents proofread.

Our services

  • Translation of general and professional texts: Our large number of qualified translators with several decades’ professional experience, in combination with our strict internal quality assurance system guarantees continuous provision of high quality translations. Orders are received by our project leader at our central office in Budapest, and specific translations are always made by team members who are experts in the given field (law, economy, politics, finances, technical, commercial, medical, pharmaceutical, etc.).
  • Certified translation of personal documents: As required our agency will stamp and endorse translation of contracts and documents in the given language, which will attest that the translation has been made by our agency and its structure and content fully corresponds to the original material.
  • Proofreading: At the client’s special request, we undertake to proofread the professional source language texts translated into the target language. By this, we mean that they will be checked in terms of standard usage, grammatical correctness and/or professional content and style. Proofreading is carried out by qualified native speaker translators, who ensure that technical terms that don’t fit in with the text and possible minor deficiencies are corrected.
  • Interpreting: We undertake simultaneous, consecutive and accompanying interpreting in every language spoken in Europe as well as providing the technical equipment necessary for this process. All of our interpreters have interpreter’s qualifications and extensive experience in the field.


Further information

KFI Fordítóiroda is a member of the Oxford Group, which offers, in addition to professional translation, information on English courses for companies (in Budapest or abroad), and information on studying or finding employment in Australia.


  • For further information on English courses for companies in Budapest or abroad click here: English courses
  • For further information on studying or finding employment in Australia click here: Study in Australia


  1. Translation/interpreting shall be ordered during the opening hours of our agency personally or by e-mail (always in writing) and should accurately specify the deadline of the order and the form the completed material should take. Placed orders can be cancelled without any financial consequences only within one hour from their receipt in our agency. The agency cannot accept any cancellation after this point.
  2. Completion and delivery of the translatation as per the agreed time is conditional upon receipt of all the documents necessary for translation as well as the order by 4:00 p.m. on the day in question (by 03:00 p.m. on Friday). If the order is received after this, the time at which the translated material will be returned will be extended accordingly. The day of receipt of the documents to translate and the day of delivery of the translated documents will not be calculated as part of the duration of the translation process. We shall deliver completed translations in the form requested in the order by e-mail, fax or personally – via a physical CD/flash drive – at our agency.
  3. Translation fees will be determined on the basis of the quantity of characters of the completed translation (target language) calculated (with spaces) in the compatible Microsoft Word processor.
  4. When placing an order for the first time, payment will be made in cash upon receipt of the material (except for a possible individual agreement). If you regularly order our services, then payment can be made by bank transfer, which will take up to 8 days. In case of default in payment we will be entitled to charge interest on the payment to the value of double the amount of the current bank prime rate.
  5. The completed translation will be delivered in a form edited in accordance with the format of the original text. Should special editing requirements arise (e.g., scanning, use of a word processor other than Word or Excel, etc.), our agency will undertake to carry out such work for a special fee to be agreed at the time.
  6. In case the text of the completed and delivered translation is modified, provided that changes in the modified text are not identifiably marked compared to the previous version, our agency will charge proofreading of the entire text and translation fee of specified parts. If the principal identifiably marks the changes in the document with modified content to be translated, our agency will translate only the marked parts again and will invoice only translation of such translated parts of the text to the principal.
  7. In the course of normal translation without proofreading, a rough translation of the material will be made by professional translators. Upon request our agency will have proofreading carried out and its costs shall be borne by the client.
  8. The following pieces of language must be specified by the client when ordering the translation: stylistic corrections, synonyms, peculiar technical terms, abbreviations that are not commonly understood outside the subject of the text. If these are not disclosed by the client to the agency when ordering the translation, any resulting issues regarding these aspects of the translation will not be considered deficiencies.
  9. The agency will be obliged to carry out translation/interpreting with the utmost respect for the confidential nature of the documents, keeping the client’s interests in view.
  10. The translation agency accepts complaints concerning the quality of the translation within five working days from delivery of the completed material. In case of disputed issues both parties shall make an effort to make a mutually advantageous arrangement in compliance with the ethical norms generally accepted in business life.
  11. The client shall provide the agency with the opportunity and time to correct defects that might occur. If the client refuses to do so, or requests a third party to correct these defects, then client will exempt the agency from its obligation to complete the translation. If the agency has fulfilled its obligation to complete or correct the document(s), the order will be considered finished and the total undertaking fee will be invoiced, except when the client provably incurs any damage arising from default in performance. This fee will also not be invoiced if it is clear from the written order that the day or hour of the deadline is an important element of the order, this deadline is not met, and the client incurs provable damage from this.
  12. The agency will be liable for any damage caused to the client by possible translation mistakes in accordance with the general rules of civil law. The agency’s obligation to compensate shall extend to the amount of the order.
  13. Ordering the translation represents acceptance of the terms and conditions of the agency.

KFI Fordítóiroda and its staff members are aware of the fact that translation is a work of the strictest confidence and that the materials they enter into possession of contain trade secrets. For the purposes of the present statement private or trade secrets shall be any and all materials and documents sent to KFI Fordítóiroda for translation, and any and all information related to its business partners, customers, employees and/or agents concerning its sales plans or any other activity that has not been made public earlier or has otherwise not become public domain, as well as any information whose confidential nature has been brought to the other party’s knowledge by the disclosing party. The party to whose knowledge confidential information has been brought shall be obliged to handle all delivered information and documents in accordance with the present statement until they become public knowledge or, on the grounds of the written authorisation of the disclosing party addressed to it, it becomes entitled to bring such information or secret to the knowledge of the public or a specified person/third party. Prior to any disclosure to any other third party or parties, KFI Fordítóiroda and the client will be obliged to agree in writing on the nature, form, time and duration of such a disclosure. The agency will restrict handling, delivery and discussion of information contained in the order to the administrators, employees, and translators who take part its translation either directly or indirectly. In preserving the safety of the determined confidential information and trade secrets clients shall, during discussion of the information, act with the care and consideration generally required in economic life with respect to the other party’s trade secrets and confidential information. Clients shall be responsible for making their employees and agents acquainted with the content of the present statement and ensuring they accept it as binding upon them. Irrespective of the provisions of the present statement, the client and the agency shall have no secrecy obligations to each other in relation to the information set out below: (a) information that is already public and is not made public in relation to any possible breach of this Agreement; (b) information that has been brought to the either party’s knowledge by a third party entitled to do so; (c) information whose possessor can prove in a form satisfactory to the other Party that the information had been known to the Party receiving the information, before it was delivered by the other Party; (d) information whose possessor has obtained it independently from the other party; (e) information whose delivery is required by law, stock exchange stipulation, or at the stipulation of another government body or other authority, on condition that the party delivering the information does everything possible to ensure that the delivered information should be handled by the organisation receiving it confidentially and only for the purpose it has requested it for. The above-described confidentiality and secrecy obligations assumed by the Parties will expire 5 (five) years after its inception At the other Party’s request, each Party shall immediately return any and all written and electronic confidential information and other information, and shall definitely delete all electronic databases, that they have taken over, or otherwise got into possession of during the negotiations and Parties’ mutual co-operation. Each Party agrees that, in case of any breach of this Agreement by either of the Parties, irrespective of the obligation to compensate arising from any other valid contractual relation between them, the other Party can assert a claim for compensation. Parties do not restrict the extent of this compensation. The present statement and its interpretation shall be governed by Hungarian law.

Suitable translators and interpreters are selected continuously based on our professional criteria and principles. In order to maintain the quality of our services and the atmosphere of goodwill at our company, we must determine suitable applicants on the basis of the following strict criteria:

Professional experience/qualifications applicants are required to meet:

  • special qualification (professional translation/interpreting qualification)
  • several years’ professional experience (with references)
  • internationally accreditedet language certificate in given languages(ek)ből
  • excellent computer literacy and user practice

Personnel requirements our staff members are to meet:

  • commitment to the profession and loyalty to KFI Fordítóiroda
  • ability to cooperate
  • ability to solve problems
  • flexible performance of work
  • accuracy and precision
  • confidentiality

Staff members are selected from the applicants by the senior staff of KFI Fordítóiroda. During the personal interview that follows the written application, they will ensure that the applicant has the necessary professional qualifications, and the applicant will be given a test translation to examine her/his skills. If the submitted application form, the interview and the test translation attest to the candidate’s quality, then the applicant will be granted the professional translator’s/interpreter’s position s/he has applied for.

The senior staff of the agency will acquaint new staff members with the company philosophy, provide them with a short summary of the company’s activity and results attained so far, and give them a brief outline of the plans of the near future.

The aim and function of this phase is to familiarise new staff members with all the information that they will need of in order to perform their responsibilities effectively.



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